Sprachwoche Malta

Sprachwoche Malta

Trip to Malta

During the second week of September of the current schoolyear the 7th forms got to spend a 7-day-long language week in Malta. The students were guided by their teachers Mag. Haubenberger and Dr. Fischer as well as Mag. Burger. They got to know Maltese culture and traditions while staying with their host families. The 34 pupils spent their AMs in the ESE language school in St. Julians, while the afternoons were filled with activities such as trips to Valetta, Gozo and Comino.

The students didn’t miss out on fun and spare time though, as the planning of their evenings was up to them. This led to them exploring the countless shopping malls as well as Malta’s nightlife. As Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the temperatures always reached well above 30 degrees, which allowed them to take a dip in the sea as well.

This and all the other countless adventures will be kept as a memory by all the attending students for a long time. All in all, the trip was a dream come true thanks to Mag. Haubenberger, Dr. Fischer and Mag. Burger.

Written by Carina Wahlmüller and Hena Hadzic

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