Fáilte a Eire – Willkommen in Irland!

Fáilte a Eire – Willkommen in Irland!

From April 22nd – 29th the 6th year students spent an eventful week in Ireland’s beautiful capital city of Dublin. Together with their teachers Mag. Prankl, Mag. Freudenschuß and Mag. Lackinger, they enjoyed a language week that did not only give them the chance to improve their English skills, but also let them dive into the Irish culture while staying with their host families and experiencing lots of Irish quirks and places.

Some of the highlights included a trip to the beautiful Powerscourt Gardens and through Ireland’s breath-taking landscape on the way to Glendalough, a guided walking tour through the city, an action-filled morning during a bike ride in Phoenix Park, a morning full of games and Irish dance at the local High School Colaiste Mhuire, an educational visit to the Austrian embassy, where the ambassador Dr. Mag. Thomas Nader welcomed us himself, a cliff-walk in Dublin’s cozy coast town Howth and of course the daily language courses right in the city center at Centre of English studies.

What best summarizes our seven-day-long trip are the daily three lines that our students were asked to write to reflect on the events of the day:

Day 1:

First flight experience for some of us, and it was great (without scissors…)! We arrived in Dublin and we’re meeting our host families, after wondering if the bus driver has a license?! 

Day 2:

We walked 21 000 steps today, now we can‘t feel our feet hurray. The view in Powerscourt Graden was worth the pain, luckily there wasn‘t even a lot of rain. Glendalough reminded us of our home, due to the bad network we couldn‘t use our phone. LENA, ANIKA, CHIARA

Day 3:

The day started with rain, that caused a lot of pain. Guided tour and school – that was cool.  In the evening we enjoyed an ice with our classmates, that was nice. ANNA, EMILIA

Day 4:

Today we did a great bike tour with Irish students in Phoenix Park, one of the largest parks in the world. We also engaged in conversation with them. In the afternoon we went to school, where we freshened up our grammar skills and learned something about Irish music. LUKAS, BASTI

Day 5:

Today was the day of friendship. We strengthened the old ones and made new ones. While we spent the morning at the Coláiste Mhuire High School we played with the Irish students many fun games which taught us trust and communication. In the evening we visited Trinity College in a rush. MARIKA, LENA, SOFIE, ANIKA

Day 6:

Today we had the privilege to visit the residence of the Austrian ambassador Thomas Nader. It was really interesting what he told us about his job and at the end we also took a souvenir photo with him. After school in the afternoon we had time to buy souvenirs in great stores like Carrolls . All in all, it was an interesting and nice day again in Dublin. LUKAS, BASTI

Day 7:

We started the day at 10am with a wonderful cliff walk in the lovely seaside city of Howth. Not only did we take beautiful pictures, we also ate delicious typical Irish food like fish and chips. At the language school we were able to present our projects, which we had worked hard on with our friends, to our amazing teachers and classmates. In the evening we went to St. Stephen’s Green Park where we did an exciting photo hunt. PHILIPP, SEVERIN, BASTI, LUKAS, PAUL

What we’ll keep and cherish after seven days in Ireland are the taste of vinegar on chips, the sound of Irish names, the smell of the fresh coastal air, the image of the colorful doors of Dublin and the feeling of having spent a great week that taught us more than just English words!

Mag. Maria Prankl